I Made it Last Time?

What's the biggest problem most curlers encounter? Consistency. One shot is heavy, and the next is light. You hit the broom on one shot and miss it on the next. There are about one million different reasons why we're inconsistent from day to day or even shot to shot, the key is to try to realize the reason something went wrong on one particular shot, and then try to fix it on the next. Look at each shot in the simplest way you can. "I over curled on that shot because I slid narrow." Or, "I was light on my draw because I had a wobble in my slide." Maybe you just didn't have enough ice or you thought it was faster than it really was. As long as you know the problem you are half way to the solution and can make adjustments for the next one. Conversely, if you make a good shot, take a second to notice why and try to repeat it next time. If I'm struggling and suddenly throw one just right, I like to throw that exact same shot again just to reinforce the good parts of the previous shot.

Early Season Rust - Find Your Weight

Understandably, at the beginning of the season, you're probably a bit rusty and might lack a little confidence in finding draw weight. The only way to truly get past this is to get some rocks under your belt, whether it's in games or in practice. My suggestion is to get down to the club and do a little practicing, in a fairly short amount of time you can get in a lot of rocks and make some positive progress. My favorite way to work on draw weight is not to throw the same shot over and over until you get it right, but mix up the weight between the hack and the hogline. By varying the weight on every shot you get a feel for the difference between different weights, and adjusting becomes much easier. So try to throw one to the button, then the back line, then a couple feet over the hogline, the the top twelve, etc... You won't hit your spot every time, and that's fine, but making the changes between weights every shot, and learning what it feels like to slide out at different speeds will help you be confident once you get in a game and are faced with a shot you haven't thrown yet.