Exercise / Stretching

Fitness is playing an ever increasing role in our sport. This is very evident if you look at the players in the Olympics compared to the average curler at your club, and it's also evident if you look at the top players today compared to just 10 years ago - a world of difference. Curling long embraced the label that it was a social sport, and athletic prowess and fitness took a backseat to experience and practice. At the top level this is no longer the case. Experience and practice are still hugely important, however fitness has taken it's place right along side as a crucial element to championship success.

This does not mean that in order to play our great game you have to hit the gym on a daily basis (unless you plan on going to the Olympics), but doing some curling related exercises certainly won't hurt your game. Get your curling muscles ready for the season and keep them feeling good by doing a few simple things. Find yourself with nothing to do for a minute or two? Get down in the delivery position and back up a few times, do some stretching, take your brush to the bathroom tile and scrub away. These things might sound a little silly, but you'll be amazed how much easier it will be on your body the first couple of times you hit the ice if you've done some muscle training ahead of time.

If you have a little more time and ambition, here are a few exercises that are good to do for the curling muscles. Squats and cycling are great for your legs, push ups or presses of some sort for sweeping, and any kind of core work for all around stability both in the delivery and sweeping.