Summer Fun!

The end of the season seems like an odd time for a curling tip, but this one might be more about enjoying the game rather than improving your skills. Reach out to some of your curling friends during the off-season. If you like the people you see at the club all winter long, you'll probably like them during the Summer at a BBQ as well. Sign up for a summer spiel. There are lots of great summer spiels around the country, and nothing beats arriving at the club in shorts and flip flops. On the flip side of that, try to get some of your "summertime friends" into curling next season. Curling is a friendly, social sport - embrace that all year long.

Phone a Friend

I know, it's almost summer and many of you are getting ready to enjoy your warm weather hobbies, but take a few minutes to think about your game this season. Is there a particular area that you did really well at this season, or something that needed some work? Now, think about how you might continue the good, and what you might need to do to improve on the bad. Usually this comes down to trying to get more practice in, but it could be any number of things like strategy, or fitness, that you might actually be able to work on during the off season. Find an experienced curler and talk to them about strategy, you'll be hard pressed to find a curler who isn't willing to have that conversation no matter what time of year it is. Or find that person that seems to be a really good sweeper who never gets tired, ask them what they do to get in shape and then modify it to your personality and goals.